Dating bad boy

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While a bit of bravado never hurt anyone, excessive impulsivity could make a man fall prey to the shameless acts indicative of bad boy behavior.

Bad boys know exactly how desirable they are, and they have the confident, dominant behavior to prove it.

Worst of all, perhaps, is the fact that so many of us stand by our bad boys when they’re at their worst, then we rationalize that they’re a work in progress.Many women are so enamored with the interest of a bold man that they overlook his horrible actions and attitude.[Read: 10 guys you should stop dating if you want real love] Why do so many women, even when faced with blatant disrespect, tough it out with bad boys?I hate to admit it because it's so cliché, but I secretly love guys who are rebellious, have reckless confidence and march to the beat of their own drum.These so-called bad boys are the female version of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl -- they're always looking to loosen us up and to get us to appreciate the finer (read: riskier) things in life. They encourage us to go on adventures and make us question things we'd known our whole lives.

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