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He told me this so I don't misinterpret his lack of sex drive as him not liking me.I am completely fine with this since I have completely fallen for this guy, and I can get myself off if I need to." "Come 'ere you", and then they hug me and stfu for the next hour or two.But I would need to clearly and explicitly say so when in a good mood for this to happen. It's not fair for him to treat you like a magical psychic that magically knows his private thoughts - but it isn't likely either that he'll just spontaneously say all the magic tricks it takes to make him happy. EDIT: Also, unless you're feeling very worn down and like you need something to change yourself, don't make him feel like his mental state is making him inadequate or a burden.But how would a partner know that I'm like that if they only spoke to me about my bad moods when I'm in a bad mood?They'd probably just be like "you're being a dick" then stomp off - instead of "You in a bad mood?I don't know what to do, or if it related to his medication.I would hate myself for messing with his well being just so things get better for me because I really care for this thanks to the previous post about anti depressants, it helped me get a better idea about what he is going through, but I don't know what to do on my end. We have had a few good talks, and got a lot more out in the open (granted we could both open up much more).

I just asked a girl that I’ve been going out with if she’s on antidepressants, and she admitted that she is (she’s on Buproprian). She will find out that I am no longer interested in dating her tonight. In fact, many men get high levels of esteem from helping women get back on track in their lives. These women have the ability to suck your positive energy right out of you, and to drag you into their drama-filled world.Some people want you to just respect their space, others want you to insist.I know when I'm in a bad mood I talking, but that doesn't mean I want to be left alone; I want them there, physically, and I get extra cuddly.In other words, what’s her specific plan for getting off the drug?–Bonus tip: It’s sad that these women never were taught how to control their thoughts.

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