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Apart from stunning appearance, a beautiful Russian bride has an open heart, inborn warmness, loyalty and willingness to compromise to make her family happy.

It is interesting to know that these nice traits of character are also common for Belarusian and Ukrainian women.

The main reason, why online dating services like Kovla are so popular among men, is that they can create new relationships with warm-hearted, easy-going and family-oriented Russian women.

Men who choose Russian brides for marriage know that these women will make their future family priority number one in their life.

When all efforts to find him a date fail miserably Ahana offers to go on a date with him. Luckily for her the winds of love are blowing in her direction as she unexpectedly falls in love with Sahil Pradhan.

Ideally, Ahana’s life should run smoothly from now on. Sadashiv Prasad re-surfaces in her life and what’s even worse, Sahil and Sadashiv seem to know each other. Will Ahana find happiness with Sahil or is her love doomed forever?

Unfortunately, Russian men often neglect traditional family values and leave their women when they are pregnant or have a small child.

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It is a part of Russian culture that a woman’s happiness comes from her family, not from climbing the career ladder and becoming totally independent from a husband.

A Russian lady is so suitable for a serious relationship because she wants to become a faithful wife and a good mother.

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