Dating a workaholic

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It takes deliberate efforts to keep the fire burning.

It is not unusual to feel a little bit jealous of their job because it means so much to them.

If so, you may find yourself doing most of the house chores because they are terribly exhausted when they get home.

This is not to say that they should not have a few chores around the house.

When you are dating a workaholic, it is important that they feel you support what they are passionate about.After a few months of dating, you begin to feel suffocated and may feel the need to lie about your schedule just to ‘steal’ a bit of ‘me time.’When you are dating a workaholic you will never be short of time on your own or time with your other friends.You can go shopping and take all the time you want without having to keep your eye on the clock to make sure that you are not late for yet another date.If you want to spend Friday nights indoors on relaxation mode, no one will ask you why you are not available for a wild night out.Whichever way you look at it, a genuinely hard working go-getter is an admirable person.

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