Dating a pakistani women

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If a woman is independent, she is shameless – but still a sign of how progressive Pakistan is.

When she is abroad, this is a good sign of liberal Pakistani dads, but yes she must still prove her virginity and innocence again and again.

I often ask myself: am I oppressed, am I liberated? I have dated non-Pakistani, non-Muslim men, although in great fear. The relationships did not work out primarily because I was always scared.

Should I keep hoping for a Desi Sunni Muslim husband, never mind how many families/guys have rejected me (65 and counting).

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The number of young people coming online especially on the mobile phone for the first time is gigantic.Celebrity diva Mahira Khan was recently photographed by the paparazzi smoking in a backless dress, with an Indian non-Muslim actor in New York. Some claimed she was s***, wh***, no longer a Muslima, and a great insult to both Islam and Pakistan.Many male actors have gone out and exhibited more sexual boldness but none ever faced such backlash. People in Pakistan always say that we have had a female Prime Minister, our medical colleges are full of women and so many also become engineers.I am a canvas, who gets painted as those around me wish.Sometimes in liberated colours for the male ego, sometimes in oppressed colours in the name of Islam, culture and honour.

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