Dating a man 18 years older

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I know about soul is not age conscious and age is just a number and all that, and I do believe these differences in age can work, but it is not the norm, but the exception.

Congrats to those of you out there who is pulling it off?

I really like this guy probably too much and I'm a true believer in that fate puts us where we should be but I do realize in 10 years I could be ill and how will he react. And don't take this an offensive way as i believe there was never intention to it. Now, I'm thinking how happy is he going to be later down the road knowing that he adopted instead of having his own biological child? Although they are in love and married, he has already cheated on her.

Of course I have noticed over my life that illness is not always a burden of the old. The point was, while being all lovey - dovey in the relationship, you need to keep the feet at ground. For instance, I personally know a couple - he is 33, she is 50. Not that this will happen to you, but I bet he will regret the fact that he doesnt have his own biological children.

Always prefered a man about 5 yrs older than myself.I am not saying that it is not cool and cannot work, but I would just want to see it happen over the long haul.When you enter into a relationship for better or worse until death, it is for the rest of your life, and when both are just around the same age group it seems to last longer.i know from experience that love isent enough, you need to have a strong base.. issues might occure in your relationship such as him wanting a younger women.. It's been a learning lesson because I've come to realize that the soul is ageless. If I died tomorrow I would be happy that I spent my time loving someone that mattered. I can't worry about 20 years from now because when I married someone my age, 20 years went by and it crumbled. You never know how you feel until it you are in it yourself. It doesn't matter who looks younger, older or who is more mature.

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