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“When you put on the corset, you realize, yes, you can breathe normally.It’s more of a mental thing.” The waist trainer from Hourglass Angel arrives in a narrow white box that reads “Where great women begin.” Because obviously, to be a great woman you need to compress your colon and bowels.It showed a bare-breasted woman with a tiny waist cinched tight by what looks like a ribbed belt.Ancient Greek writings refer to a women's undergarment made of linen or kid, cinching in the waist, and perhaps flattening the bust.

Women from that period wore a forerunner of the corset, called a body or stay, or a pair of stays.

I lasted about an hour and a half before peeling off the sweaty cincher, which is consistent with the subjects of a 2010 study published in Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health.

Though they were supposed to wear the corsets for five hours a day to determine whether waist training contributed to weight loss, subjects were noncompliant.

Luckily, I live in New Orleans, where you can’t go to a dive bar or gala fundraiser without tripping over a burlesque troupe’s corset ties.

“Listening to your body is the best way to do it,” advised Mina Mechante, a burlesque dancer and sales associate at Trashy Diva Lingerie, which sells corsets and waist trainers.

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