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Number 2 is technical analysis of the design; different approaches have different pros and cons.

We try to include owners manuals and repair diagrams whenever possible.

When the grain is to be stored away an old man - any man - asks a blessing on it that it may make men, hogs, and chickens well, strong, and fat when they consume it.

Immediately on hearing the momentous news, she had hurried back from bournemouth, where she was staying, and had succeeded in being the first, not only to congratulate the new lord of the manor on his succession to his own, but to condole with him over his maltreatment in the past.

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A good guide also understands where you want to go.

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For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word Thinking, therefore, that he was an excellent general for defence, not for attack, they cast their eyes upon marcellus, and in order to combine his vigour and daring with the cautious and far-seeing tactics of the other, they at one time elected them both consuls, at another made the one consul with the other serving as proconsul.

He was accused of bribery at the consular election, and being convicted, retired to athens.

And in mark 1, 15 christ says: repent ye and believe the gospel, where in the first member he convicts of sins, in the latter he consoles us, and shows the remission of sins.

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