Colorado shooter online dating

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On Monday, James Holmes, the lead suspect in the Colorado shooting that killed 12 people, made his first public appearance in court, where the presiding judge gave prosecutors a week to formally charge him.

His hair dyed a bright reddish-orange, Holmes appeared somewhat dazed, prompting speculation that he was on medication.

DENVER — They got to know each other during a study group and had their first date at a horror film festival.

She was his first girlfriend, and though he said he loved her, she never felt close to him.

Holmes had been reserved in classes, sometimes stared out a window and did not speak unless called on.

He was polite but seemed to show little initiative in his lab rotations, and he slipped awkward jokes into presentations. Holmes and some friends went out to a bar in downtown Denver, he told a man who approached her that she was his girlfriend. Datta said she had to tell him again that they were not boyfriend and girlfriend.“At some point, he said he loved me,” Ms.

During the trial’s opening in late April, the district attorney leading the prosecution, George Brauchler, told jurors about an online conversation in which Ms. Holmes, who had been struggling in his neuroscience lab rotations. He told her he could not do what he really wanted because it was evil. His one-bedroom apartment in Aurora, not far from the university, seemed neat and clean, with the exception of his clothing-strewn bedroom, she said.

He bought his first handgun, a Glock, on May 22 at a brick-and-mortar gun store in the Denver area.Two court-ordered psychiatrists said he was legally sane under Colorado’s standards, though he did have a severe mental illness on a spectrum with schizophrenia. Holmes was in the thrall of “florid psychosis,” prosecutors called Ms. Datta his ideas about “human capital” and the value of life. Later, speaking to a court-ordered psychiatrist, he said he had earned “points” by killing people. When they began dating, she said, she told him she was interested only in a casual relationship.Datta to bolster their argument that he was adrift and had lost his purpose, partly because of her romantic rejection, and that he had carried out the rampage with planning and calculation. They spent much of their time together eating out or watching movies.They told of dragging wounded friends from the theater or of leaving slain loved ones behind.Police officers described how they had rushed the wounded to hospitals.

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