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“You shame me, an old guy, for not being able to use We Chat!

” Xie explained later on, after regaining his composure.

While Citizen Lab has found evidence of censorship on We Chat in the past, its new report shows how the content that triggers censors gets updated as the environment of sensitive material evolves.

They specifically looked at how We Chat treats messages related to China’s targeting of hundreds of human-rights lawyers—detaining, questioning, and disappearing them—in the so-called “709 Crackdown” that began on July 9, 2015.

Here’s an overview of this new societal problem by What’s on Weibo’s Brydon Brancart.f you don’t take cash then put a sign up! Xie after trying to use cash to pay for his groceries at a checkout aisle reserved for mobile payments.

Enraged at his treatment, Xie’s initial reaction was to cause a ruckus, lunging at the security guards surrounding him.

Last month, China’s biggest gay dating app Blued was taken off Google’s app store in Indonesia amid a crackdown on the country’s LGBT community.

Of course, Malaysia doesn’t have to go all the way to North Korea for advice on restricting social media.Citizen Lab offers these further details: We Chat performs censorship on the server-side, which means that messages sent over the app pass through a remote server that contains rules for implementing censorship.If the message includes a keyword that has been targeted for blocking, the entire message will not be sent.An Islamic religious teacher in Malaysia has blamed We Chat for the rise of the LGBT movement in his country, recommending that the government address this issue by adopting new, ultra-strict controls over the internet, using North Korea as its model.According to the newspaper about how the LGBT movement was growing stronger by the day in Malaysia, daring to challenge national institutions and demanding legal rights — homosexuality is illegal in Malaysia, punishable under a colonial-era sodomy law by up to 20 years in prison.

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