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They allow the scammers to stay on the site even if the owner is informed of who they are. I made the mistake of returning to after being scammed for ,100. The original scammer is still on there, even though I reported her 4 times. I got my passport and made travel reservations to go there and meet her. Nowadays, those two sites are the only option for me after I spent hundreds and thousands of dllars chatting and getting nowhere. I'm not sure where to start with regard to my disappointment and frustration with this site. As my month draws quickly to a close, I can report having established no meaningful connection with any of the dozens of women I corresponded with during this time.The night before I was to leave, she informed me she was TRANSGENDER. Scammers aside (yes, they certainly prowl the site), the women gush with interest in you initially but once you try to actually talk with them, they tend to not respond to your questions and replace it with vacuous lines about how they seek a caring and honest man and how they are 'serious' in their search.Image driving 100 miles an hour and then allowing your car to get half off the road, Things can get really dangerous and scary, really FAST. All of our members check and Agreement to never send money to anyone, but some members do (off the path), and then get mad at us.We have over 2,000 members who meet for love and marriage each year and we are very happy about that.If anyone has any questions, you can call me at the Office at: 808.889.0101 during business hours (HST). Best wishes of health, happiness and love from CB Mike. There are lots of ways to prevent the problems you are having 1 do not chat with any one that contacts you , just block them , as they are the scammers 2 make sure you make first contact as all the decent girls will not make first contact 3 never chat on Skype as that is where the scammers go 4 chat on fb messenger and then check there profiles , but don't let them know you are doing it 5 beware of fb with no photos or info , it could be a poor girl trying to keep in contact with you because she likes you , or a scammer who set up to con you 6 for $#*!Typical dating site, we have to use it with caution but Cherry Blossoms billing system is not honest. They are set to rebill automatically and they are doing it before your present term is expired. sake go and see girl if she likes you 7 only send small amounts of money for food or load , if you have come to like her , to comminicate with you can cost them money they don't have This site is full of scammers and perverts.But when it comes to the crunch, they regularly disappoint.

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I could not honestly say what percentage of profiles on CB I thought were real and genuine. Many of the profile photos are still the same from when I was there ten years ago. There are many dating sites now that you won't have to pay like POF and Elusive Half.

Don't send money and if you asked turn her in and they will remove her is my experience.

Dear Friends and Foes; I want to say that there is good and bad everywhere in the World and our job, our inner work as good people is to find the other good people.

They are known to ban members for no reason and not respond to why. After meeting someone who I thought could be trusted.

I was aware of many guys being scammed on this site while i was there. And sending this member thousands of dollars, over a 4 month period. I can't agree more with k.k.'s review: It is beter than most because it does not charge yur for each message and gives you unlimited messages to send when you upgrade your profile, same as on Asian Girls4u.

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