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It had had a thriving club hockey program since the 1970s, but earned varsity status in 1985 and full NCAA Division II status in 1986.

The college spark led to a slew of attempts to bring minor league hockey to Alabama, with varying degrees of awesome nicknames: the Huntsville Blast (ECHL, 1993-94) and Channel Cats (CHL, 1996-2000) and Tornado (CHL, 2000-01) and the Channel Cats again (SEHL, 2003-04) and then the Havoc; the Birmingham Bulls returned as an ECHL team in 1992 through 2001, then were resurrected in 2017; there were also the Alabama Gunners (SEHL, 1998-99), Pelham Prowlers (SEHL, 1999-2000), Alabama Slammers (WHA, 2003-04, and an incredible name) and the Mobile Mysticks (ECHL, 1995-2002, and a terrible name).People still remember that here.""The people down here love the fights and the hitting. It's home to the University of Alabama-Huntsville Chargers and the Havoc.It's also the only arena in professional hockey named after a German scientist who helped invent a way to fly American astronauts to the moon.He retired in June at 32 years old, having seen it all in the SPHL. To experience our entertainment, and our giveaways."The transplants are here in Huntsville to work aerospace and military jobs. "It's kind of funny sometimes -- you'll hear people saying, 'Oh you're with the Havoc."There are definitely some things I've seen that I never thought I'd see in hockey. But not as much as the guy who got into a fight that night."Who are Havoc fans? The city is home to Redstone Arsenal, Cummings Research Park and NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, whose campus is adorned by large rockets visible from miles away. They're mostly from Canada and the northern United States. They're semi-professional hockey players, meaning they're paid in season (and well enough to get by). I worked with Arena football for four years, and it was completely different. It's not a struggle to get these guys to do things in the community," he said. You must be a big famous hockey player.' But we're just regular people."Just ones who happen to pack an arena on a Friday night in Huntsville.

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