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I dressed up as a pirate this year and it was a blast barking "ARRGGG" at the kids.

Everything goes swimmingly, and he’s quite pleased about the whole thing, until the next morning when he awakens to find her gone and the words “WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF AIDS” scrawled in lipstick on his bathroom mirror.

Earlier in the day, I volunteered at my son's High School at the cookie store - nice footware, 'eh?!?It's a new portal where amateur webcam models get to hangout with men who want to meet cam girls who work as independent contractors.You can exchange message and get the know the girls, and if one tickles your fancy, you can schedule a show with her at very affordable rates.We had a week to spare after working in Nairobi and she had never seen tourist Africa.Above all, it gives you complete internet parental control by allowing you to block websites, social networks and chat messengers with its content filtering features.

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