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Fuk knows how long he’s been at it but definitely not the first time.Jeremy Estes is dirty and carries the full spectrum of drd fuking multiple women and he doesn’t use protection.Don’t believe me but the truth with come out one day Schrader has a big mouth and I am not the only one that knows about it so look into it . You need closure THE DIRTY ARMY: Brian “Shrek” Dhaliwal is the biggest lowlife in the Lower Mainland ..he’s ruined countless lives and continues to do so recklessly. her traits in life are being a liar a master manipulator. the ex fiancée has had his plate full trying to live life with out her in it. In fact the end of there relationship was because she had another guy hanging around her and she chose him over her fiancé. for the last year he had the kids every weekend and then whenever they’d call him on the week days he spend those hours with them as well… Her naive friends believe the lies she tells them in order to get sympathy… To her sh1tty as demeanour and her even shittier personality… She may have been an idiot but for f**ks sake at least Randy should know better!!

He has gotten young girl addicted to drugs and teenage boys involved in a gang lifestyle. He asked if i had ever done porn and how big my boobs were and if they were real … This guy thinks he can continue to “buck the law” and pray on the youth of society. Anyone and everyone please be look out for this guy he will only take advantage of you and completely ruin your life! but she puts the blame on them instead of taking ownership as to why they are not together anymore …you’d have SOMETHING that women remotely your age would find attractive.

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