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it is a good site if you know how to sell fan clubs memberships and offer alot to them.They record your private shows and seel them, you earn a percentage from that, but it's pretty low i don't remember well i think it's about 80 cents a min. so their other site with free shows/tips can stay out of's business....That man stole pretty fucking close to ,000 from me in total. I would refer even my own worst enemy to ifriends before I sent them to Streamray. I knew there was a reason I couldn't get myself to sign up with Call it a 6th sense, a fluke or whatever you want but when I made the decision to return to this business I looked at ALL of the sites.You can see exactly how much $ each guy has though which is nice. Traffic is ok in free chat and so-so in non-free chat depending on time of day etc well, i used to work on that site, long time a go, had about 50 fan clubbers, but i got really bored of low traffic and annoying freeloaders with no credit card bleh!they have blocking zone options and your percentage goes from 15% to 45% you can change it anytime you are online, the lower percentage you earn the "better they say" becouse they put you right on top of the page where everyone can see you....I did validate for her however, that when I originally left ifriends, Streamray is where I took my following and even though they were MY traffic, he was taking 30% on top of the 40% they took at the time for many guys that never heard of the site before I got there.He also stole all of my referral pay which was to be used for my retirement.

Here is another treat for you from @Rico Ricky2 !!!

I used to generate a couple of hundred a month just from my following spending on other girls.

When he stole my 0 he also stole my residual income.

I just signed up for it last nite along with another one, I remember someone pretty credible on here saying it was one of her favorite sites and what I've heard around has mostly been positive so I'm just looking forward to trying it out.

i think it has slowed down a tad for me but i don't go on as much. % is crazy low - 29% payout on max setting (you get 45% AFTER 35% fees, which takes you to 29% total).

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