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Yes my love/hate relationship with social media is real.According to the Social Media Examiner, Pinterest users are 92%, Twitter users are 86%, Facebook is 68%, and Tumblr is 46% mobile.

With the increase of social media comes the increase of needs to be nosey. Yes mobile is the future of social media, but please use it sparingly.Facebook competitions have proven successful in the past, if you want to know more; give a great run-down on everything you needed. According to Locket’s data, on a given day, the average person checks their phone 110 times per day.Now you may think that is a quite astonishing fact, but I’m not the average person so maybe put a couple of 0’s at the end of the 110 and you get an idea of just how often I check my phone.I completely agree and so should anyone who follows any Newspaper company on Facebook as they seem to post a spamful amount of times a day. The same studies show a good medium is to post once a day, which most major brands do; You also need to be consistent with your content; if are a digital marketing page and people are following you to to receive digital marketing news, stay on topic.Target your audience and stick to giving them what they want.

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