Books like jessica guide to dating on the dark side

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Beth Fantaskey is the best-selling author of Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side, Jessica Rules the Dark Side and Jekel Loves Hyde.

She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and three daughters.

But for readers looking for a story full of action and a heroine who can handle it on her own, In a world without men, Jenna is a girl foretold by legend—possibly even the reincarnate of the Great Alta goddess.

Though she’s been trained to become a formidable warrior, her greatest power may very well be her invisible twin, Skada, who only emerges in the dark.

When Bran learns that he's a powerful mage—and that he likely inherited his gifts from his biological parents—he becomes embroiled in a plot to save the endangered Mages Council, only to amass a host of enemies.

Below is a selection of 14 fantasy books for teens that you (probably) haven't read yet.The first novel in a duology of the same name, —in a way that can’t be anything but magical.She discovers the extent of her powers when she's hired as a horse handler for the Queen's Riders, a job that exposes her to bizarre birds, monstrous spiders, and creatures unlike any she’s ever known.RELATED: 10 Great Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books featuring Multidimensional Women After Jansa’s queen and royal family were killed, Esha became a legendary rebel called the Viper.Now tasked with making the guilty pay, her next task is to eliminate the ruthless General Hotha.

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