Black man killed for dating white women

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Some reports list his name as Zebulum, but really, does it make any difference?

In any case, James took a handgun and went looking for victims in Jackson, MS.

Without provocation James approached the white woman and shot her in the head. Not long after, James saw 49-year old white woman Kristy Lynn Mitchell walking to a restaurant. Mitchell was taken to the hospital where she died of her injuries.

James then proceeded to run over a man, breaking his leg.

Jackson State University confirmed that James is a civil engineering major at the school.

Why is it so hard to believe that a black guy might have a racial motivation when he murders two white women?

And it shows you what f*cked up times we live in that he gets a free pass for a racially motivated killing spree because of the color of his skin.

This first photo maybe blurred but its clear enough to see somethings not right here.

Driving his blue Mustang, James roamed the streets in search of prey.

He encountered 58-year old Suzanne Hogan pumping gas at a Shell station.

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