Black dating planet service pro and cons of dating in any age

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" The Black Planet Facebook page is used to encourage discussion of issues both directly and indirectly applicable to its community of African-American users.

The Facebook status update feature is used to ask questions to the page followers, and is well responded to in general.

"Black Planet creates branded profile pages to integrate advertisers into the social community, enabling members to engage as friends"; as well as personal profiles Black Planet also allows pages for brands, personalities, and products.

In 2009, Black Planet introduced new features to the website, including a Facebook-style status update, and a news bar that keeps users up-to-date with information shared on Interactive One and Black Planet.

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Black Planet, as a precursor to Facebook and Myspace, has gone some way to influencing the Internet as users recognise it.

Questions have included, "What do you think of the idea of Black Marriage Day?

", Both social networking tools are used to advertise the "Member of the Day" feature, drawing attention to the appearance of the chosen member.

The chat function was also updated in 2009; the current chat is powered by a company called Chat Blazer and is Flash based.

Black Planet has recently introduced two interactive games for users, Farmandia and Fishdom.

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