Big bang dating door game

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If you let her go, there is no way you can find anyone else.

Speaking on behalf of all women, it is not going to happen.

At one point, Penny becomes jealous that Priya is able to enjoy all of the things that she worked to train Leonard to do, like not being awkward in the bedroom.

Always with neuroscience on the brain, Amy suggests that a study done on Tanzanian chimpanzees found that primates are hard-wired to "fling their waste" at those in the group who need to be ostracized.

In honor of the show's big finale, we're taking a trip down memory lane and taking a look at some of our favorite Penny quotes from the show. But we also know that she is always making jokes about him being an alien or a weirdo. In "The Anxiety Optimization," season eight, episode 13, Sheldon is trying to maximize his work environment to increase his productivity, and he thinks that increasing his anxiety is the answer.

She's especially not afraid to give this honesty to Howard.

They do end up meeting Bethany and Sarah, two goth girls known as the "Goth Chicks." However, things fall apart when the girls convince the guys to get tattoos and they chicken out, forcing them to reveal their deceptive plan. She says this whenever she's shocked about something.

In season two, episode six, "The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem," she says it twice in one episode.

Thankfully, there's always You Tube clips and reruns to help us get through our withdrawals. Her thinly veiled insults are often covered by calling that person "Sweetie." Sometimes she makes quips about the guys right to their faces because they genuinely have no idea what she's talking about since they are so swept up in their own worlds.

While some of the show's biggest catchphrases often come from Sheldon, many of the other characters also get their fair share of one-liners in there, too. However, she's also not afraid to go the extra mile if someone she loves needs help.

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