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A Dallas city councilman who accepted bribes in exchange for his vote in support of school bus stop-arm cameras is among those who have been convicted and sentenced in connection with a public corruption scheme.Amanda De Guio was reported missing by relatives on August 27, 2014, but had not been seen by her family in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, since the first week of June of 2014, after she returned from a trip to Florida.After searching yelp, came across Big Bad Breakfast and glad I did. I say at the counter each day and had immediate and friendly service…""One of my favorite restaurants in Florence.The prices are reasonable, and the atmosphere is very welcoming.Only thing is the hiring guy need to stay on ball so you can get hired. However, my Director is manipulative and abusive and has been allowed by the company to get away with it for a very long time.I was retaliated against and couldn’t take it anymore and had to leave the first job I have truly loved in a very long time.

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There is so much potential within the company but they have allowed someone who, supposedly, had the highest turnover in the country to stay in his position. The atmosphere is depressing and way too much unorganized running around No training, Disrespectful management i work for this company for over 17 years and no thank you for coming to work when others didnt show up coming in very bad weather coming while i was sick just so much dedication.

It is well known that no matter what position you hold, you are absolutely replaceable. I am so sad for the people I left behind when I departed yesterday. I have filed complaints against this man and so have many others and it is always swept under the rug. This company is the worst and i am glad they lost there contract with Sussex They need to be looking at upper management I’ve been with the company for 4 years and it by far has been the best job. I’ve been promoted twice and this company takes care of the people that work. I have worked for this company for 13 years and have held many positions.

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