Avril and chad kroeger dating

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It was a true Canadian love story, the Canuck King and Queen of pop rock. Chavril - tied the knot back in 2013, fans were overjoyed. The couple divorced in 2015, and instead of giving us some juicy break-up drama, they remained friends. I guess that's just something you do when you're both multi-platinum selling artists.

Like, Sure, couples say they'll remain friends all the time after a breakup, right? They have got the weirdest yet beautiful relationship a divorced couple could ever comprehend. They also collaborated on another duet called "Let Me Go." Check out the very emotional music video below.

"I wanted to make sure it's a crazy vacation and an experience of a lifetime for our guests," the singer told magazine.

The Canadian couple set their ceremony for Canada Day (a cheeky nod to the fact that they're basically Canada's most lucrative musical exports,) and Lavigne donned a gothic black gown to compliment the gothic-themed wedding.

Around a year after announcing their divorce, the two attended multiple events together, including a pre-Grammy party as well as the Juno Awards.

Avril went as Chad's date to the Junos because he was nominated for an award.

Lavigne's relationship with Kroeger is anything but ordinary.

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When it comes to a wedding song, most people choose something sweet and romantic.Why waste any moment of your wedding on someone else when it should be all about you?Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger didn't take the easy way out and queue up an Ed Sheeran song for their first dance.Kroeger and Lavigne weren't about to make things so complicated.Instead, they created a simple list of self-imposed rules for keeping their marriage happy and healthy.

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