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A few people have asked to be able to donate money to say thanks for the fixes.

You don't have to but if you send money to [email protected] via Pay Pal and make a note that it's for the PDF fix, it'll get to me.

It turned out the problem could be fixed via a simple registry change.

The change is described below and a small program which performs the fix is also provided for your convenience.

Note that the retail (RTM) version of Office 2010 fixed the need for additional registry changes.

avi thumbnails not updating vista 64-82

avi thumbnails not updating vista 64-12

avi thumbnails not updating vista 64-41

If everything is good already then the preview handler fix won't change anything.

Unlike the thumbnail fix, described below, the preview handler fix should no longer be needed by most people, since Adobe have finally fixed their installer, but it's still provided in case it helps repair things.

If you had Adobe Reader installed under Vista and later upgraded to Windows 7 then you will probably still need to run the preview handler fix once to clean up a registry value which Adobe set inconsistently between the two OS versions.

I wrote it due to the popularity of the fix, to help non-technical people, and to celebrate Adobe ignoring the problem for another three months even though the solution was given to them on a plate. Details of the registry fix are still provided below, for those who wish to make the changes by hand, but using the program is recommended for most people, especially less technical people.

The preview handler fix tool: Checks that Adobe Reader's preview handler is associated with PDF files.

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