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Your processor and graphics card work at specific “clock” frequencies.

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avg very slow updating-31

Any time you load something, say Spotify or your favorite photos, the hard disk needs to look for those bits and bytes — and transfer them in your RAM (see, it all plays together! More than 80% of PCs out there still have what’s called a mechanical hard disk drive (HDD).

In most cases, your CPU or GPU simply turns off and Windows freezes before any damage occurs.

Still, overclocking increases stress and temperature for your hardware and should only be done when you know what you’re doing. But again, this is something you — even as experienced users — have to experiment with: Not all chips are created equally and thus react differently to overclocking.

Again: Make sure your laptop or PC is upgradeable and get the upgrade as soon as you can. Even the lower end and more budget-oriented disks will breathe new life into an aging PC. Your graphics card is what’s responsible for how well your PC handles video editing or plays games.

If GTA 5, The Witcher 3 or Ghost Recon don’t run as fast or look as gorgeous as in their trailers and instead stutter like a 1930s flick — it’s because of your graphics card.

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