Automatically updating files in windows me and xp file share

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If you find yourself using any of these frequently, then you can simply make shortcuts to them on your desktop.

Added 6/9/04 If you run sfc /scannow and get prompted to insert a CD, there are a couple of changes you might need to make.

Start / Run / NETSH DIAG GUI The following is the type of information that can be displayed: md "this is a test Bonus tip: Windows XP supports the forward slash "/" as a folder divider.

Unix/Linux users: don't let the DOS environment get you down.

Although not as common as the previous recommendations, with early versions of Windows the can also contain programs that load automatically.

----- If you have Windows XP with Service Pack 2, there is a one line command you can run to reset the winsock2 registry entries netsh winsock reset catalog ------ There are two easy ways to determine if Winsock2 is damaged: From the XP source files, go to the Support / Tools directory Winsock Test Method 1 Run netdiag /test:winsock The end should say Winsock test ..... There is a boot disk you can download at: that will let you reset the password of any account on NT4, Windows2000 or XP.

passed Winsock Test Method 2 MSAFD Tcpip [TCP/IP] MSAFD Tcpip [UDP/IP] RSVP UDP Service Provider RSVP TCP Service Provider MSAFD Net BIOS [\Device\Net BT_Tcpip... Just follow all the default settings which are for the admin account. They also have a bootable CD image you can download.

Services You Can Disable - Updated 10/30/03 Faster DOS Printing - Added 6/21/03 Cleaning the Prefetch Directory - Added 3/2/03 Increasing the Folder Cache - Added 1/6/03 Increasing Graphics Performance - Added 11/27/01 Disabling Balloon Tips - Added 11/9/01 Speeding Up the Display of Start Menu Items - 11/8/01 IPCONFIG Error - Added 9/15/07 Browse Master Monitor - Added 2/8/07 Repairing Damaged Winsock2 - Updated 2/6/07 Network Connection Always Shows Access Denied - Added 2/6/07 Speeding Up Network Browsing - Added 11/14/05 Opening Shared Folders Snap-In - Added 8/17/05 Viewing Your IP Address Information - Added 8/17/05 Opening Ports or Adding Allowed Programs with SP2's Firewall - Added 9/30/04 Guest Only Network Access - Added 4/11/04 Not Displaying Previous Network Share Shortcuts - Added 3/26/004 Hiding a XP Computer from Network Neighborhood - Added 3/26/04 Easy Way to Share Multiple Folders - Added 3/26/04 Running Network Diagnostics - Added 3/4/04 Network Access After Norton Anti-Virus Install - Added 12/9/03 Adding TCP/IP Printers - Added 1/7/03 Installing Java Virtual Machine - Updated 12/21/02 Disable Shared Documents - Added 11/23/02 Fix Browsing Delay to Win98/ME Computers - Added 5/4/02 Using the Internet Explorer Classic Search - Added 4/20/02 WINIPCFG for XP - Added 4/1/02 Allowing Network Access with Blank Passwords - Added 3/23/02 Reinstalling the TCP/IP Protocol - Added 3/2/02 Remembering Outlook / Outlook Express Password - Submitted 1/26/02 Turning Off the Firewall - Added 1/26/02 Installing the Net BEUI Protocol - Added 11/7/01 Setting System Time Over the Internet - Added 11/5/01 Configuring the Firewall - Added 8/16/01 Changing the Internet Explorer Title - Added 8/16/01 Windows Help and Support Error - Added 11/19/05 Make Pictures Smaller Unavailable - Added 8/17/05 Identify Faulty Device Drivers - Added 3/2/05 Operation Was Attempted on Something That Is Not a Socket Error - Added 11/19/04 or Errors - Added 9/17/04 Windows Explorer Opens Search Companion Rather than the Folder - Added 9/1/04 Running SFC without a CD ROM - Added 6/9/04 Fixing Cryptographic Services Error - Added 12/8/03 Fixing Explorer Searching Rather Than Opening Directories - Added 11/30/03 Repair Install - Added 2/9/03 Missing or Corrupt NTOSKRNL - Added 2/9/03 Missing or Corrupt HAL.

DLL - Added 2/9/03 Corrupted or Missing \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG - Added 2/9/03 NTLDR or NTDETECT.

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