Audrina from the hills who is she dating

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Spencer tells his wife: “I already planned a surprise for our anniversary. We need to celebrate, dress up, get Heidi to be more Heidi and appreciate this time together.”Heidi said she is excited to have a date night with “a little romance,” and she and her husband dance around the room while they finish getting dressed.For his big surprise, Spencer takes his wife out on The Duchess, a yacht he has rented for their date night, while the rest of their friends are congregating at Kaitlynn’s gala.And it's not just a close friendship that has everyone scratching their heads (although I'll admit, that part is very bizarre).In the highly-charged episode, several new couples emerged, including Brandon Lee and new girlfriend Ashley, who he wasn’t quite ready to introduce to his famous mom Pamela Anderson, when she was visiting from her home in France.“My mom is like the biggest romantic in the world I’ve ever met,” Brandon said, “and I’m like the same way,” but added that he is not ready for marriage.Mischa said, “It is really fun to see Audrina happy and free like this.”In other developments, Spencer Pratt and his wife Heidi Montag decide to skip Kaitlynn’s gala in favor of an intimate anniversary date night.After discussing their spending habits, which Heidi wants to taper from her husband spending ,000 on clothes and ,000 in jewelry, even though their crystal business is in high gear, Spencer promises to slow down…after their big anniversary celebration.I have never had a friend come after me so hard.”Before the gala, Audrina tells pal Mischa Barton about her longtime friend Ryan, who is always on tour or producing.

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As their well-dressed friends gather at the gala and enjoy drinking, dancing, and toasting, Brody praises his wife that she did an amazing job. The party is incredible; everything is fine.”Justin brought his new girlfriend who came to their friends Thanksgiving dinner to the gala, much to the surprise of his friends, especially Audrina and Mischa.

While playing pool, Stephanie Pratt tells Justin that after Brody Jenner’s recent tirade, his wife Kaitlynn’s gala “is the last place I want to be.

Brody hasn’t apologized for the rant,” over how she dissed him in Vegas, while wildfires were engulfing his Malibu home.

“She’s gorgeous, she’s fun, she’s incredibly smart, and I feel like a proud husband,” and they head to dance the night away.

At the close of the episode, we are back with Spencer and Heidi.

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