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Stewart and Cargile were confirmed to have been dating since the summer of 2015, and she even talked about the relationship to It was a pretty big deal since the star is typically super private about her personal life, but sometimes you can’t hide true love.

In July, Stewart told the magazine that, “Right now, I’m just really in love with my girlfriend.” She went on to relate that the two have had a semi-rocky relationship but they were on good terms.

and numerous media outlets have linked Stewart to Cara Delevingne‘s ex-girlfriend, St. Vincent and Delevingne had been dating for a little over a year when they broke up at the end of the summer. Vincent are both getting out of long-term relationships, and seem to be getting over them with each other’s help.

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I can only assume since they are now both immortal that their relationship will last, but who knows?This does not seem like good relationship building to me. Yes it's meant to be a fantasy/love story, but it is not good role modeling for relationships. One of the criticisms I've heard about Edward and Bella's relationship is that it gives girls and young women an unrealistic view of romantic love, painting it as all-consuming and eternal.Love may be eternal, but the intensity of first love mellows with time as reality asserts itself.Edward Cullen is a fictional character in the book series The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. There is a possiblitity there is someone out there named Edward Cullen. Do Bella Swann and Edward Cullen from Twilight go out with each other in real life? means oh my Edward Cullen Edward is so hotter then Joe Jonas Edward is a vampire how sparkles Joe Jonas does not sparkles and he is…

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