Application screenupdating stays true

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Hi All, I have a large spreadsheet that includes a Workbook Open routine in the workbook module.

If I open Excel (2013) and then open the file the initial Book 1 one workbook stays open in front of my workbook.

The macro below is part of the Add In: Do you have a suggestion/solution for this problem?

Thank you very much, Antoine Venrooij --------- Public Sub A...

If so you could have them turned on for most of the macro. Screen Updating =3D True But I can see the macro running (for one second I can see the sheet B visible...) How can I solve this problem? Is that possible that if you 'screenupdate=false' some of the data is gone for a reference here is a part of my code If Sheet1. I have only On Error resume Next now and try to get rid of all possible errors, but realise I need some extra subroutine to call. Should I place the errorhandler code under "Thiswoorkbook" module etc., or do I need to write it within every singel sub? Copy Range Border Excel 2007 Screenupdating Issue We are running a VBA macro and are copying a range and then looping and inserting the copied range. Thanks in advance To exit copy mode use Application. I have a routine that updates a chart by dynamically changing the data source and labels according to a user's dropdown selection.

Hi Geoff, Are the macros calling other macros that are also turning off screen refresh and calculation and turn them back on. -- Don Guillett Micr...screenupdating off when excel launched via double-click of file When I double-click an Excel file, Excel is launched but with screenupdating off. This happens for all Excel files, regardless of whether they have any macros. I am talking about 1 million live game or so which takes 20 minutes to run the code all in all. Can any of you help me with a error handler code for me to point at from every sub procedure? Display Alerts and Screen Update will not set to False In Excel using VBA code Application. -- Cordially, Chip Pearson Microsoft MVP - Excel Pearson Software Consulting, LLC is possible to do screenupdati... Also, we cannot turn off the screenupdaing using the following below with application .screenupdating = false .displayalerts=false end with We think it is updaitng due to a custom function in the range being copied Is there anything else that you can totally turn Excel updating off with. Screen Updating = True I have an XL03 application that has been converted to XL07.

When using vba and adding numerous formulas to the worksheet the screen shudders when each calculation is inserted. 2001] My Excel Pages: Page: Screenupdating When using vba and adding numerous formulas to the worksheet the screen shudders when each calculation is inserted. ------------------------------------------------------------... I have 7 workbooks that hav the same macros - all have Application. This is working in 4 workbooks but for some reason its no in the other 3. Does anyone know of a proble that could cause this? Excel There are some things that cause screenupdating to get changed to true. Screen Updating = False End Sub How do i turn on Screenupdating after saving ? Screen Updating = False Not Workinghave a very long procedure which does many things. How can I set this so that the user does not see all o the Screen Updating and when they click All Done they can continu working? Thanks in advance Paul Martin Melbourne, Australia try application.screenupdating = fa... Screen Updating = False doesn't work Hi, I don't know why but the Application.

Screen Updating = False HTH Paul -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Be advised to back up your Work Book before attempting to make changes. Screen Updating = False Im having a problem with screen updating. I did like this and it dosent work: Private Sub Workbook_Before Save() Application. Screen Updating = False Usually when I have done this the user does not see all the scree flickering and the actions of your procedure but for this one you se all of that. This seems weird and I'm wondering if others have experienced it and whether there's a fix/ workaround.

Screen Updating = True at the end of this main sub in excel 2007 ?? You don't need to have applicatino.screenupdating=false throughout -- only once will suffice. Screen Updating = True at the end of this main sub in excel 2007 ?? Hi It automatically sets to true at the end of each sub (otherwise your screen would not update). I recently updated to Office 2007, made some adjustments to the model, and it works fine on my machine (and fine on some of my coworkers' machines). a disclaimer text in a renamed shape present in all three Masters.

However, I do recomment turning it to true at the end - I've frequently seen the entire app seep to freeze until I went to the immediate window and entered Application. However, the exact same file when run on other coworkers' machines is having issues where the "Application.screenupdating" is being set to true whenever the code switches worksheets or workbooks. Working with PPT2003 the screen twinkles when the VBA code is executed.

Opening and closing a workbook, saving workbook or anything you can think of that is unusual. Screenupdate = False not working Hi, I'm experiencing in some code I wrote that the statement Appliation. Despite the line of code, the screen still changes when I select or activate another worksheet in the workbook in my code. I'm still on Excel 97, not by choice =) Cade Application. 1000 rows, and i see the sheet changing while saving. There is an unusual amount of screen flicker, which I have identified as occuring only after I turn on Screen Updating.

Are you switching worksheets, inserting/deleting worksheets, printing or turning protection on or off. Are you switching worksheets, inserting/deleting worksheets, printing or turning protection on... My code look like this now: Sub Bad Code On Error resume Next Application. Before Save, Screenupdating = False, Why is it not working Hello I want to set Screenupdating = False before saving, because i've got 12 sheets with aprox. I turn off Screen Updating and when finished turn it back on again.

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