Annual cost of fluoridating city water

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They also had to bring it all up to applicable California Code after new Hot H2O Heater codes enacted during prior 20-yrs since last H2O heater install.Disassembly/Removal old H2O heater, Replaced H2O heater, Replace old hot/cold Flex-Lines with new copper Flex-Lines, Add new in-line cold side H2O shut-off Ball-Valve, Add new attachment of "Expansion Tank" with copper piping, Add new "Smitty Pan" and PVC drain to House Exterior, Replace H2O Heater Vent-to-Roof attachment, Add new Nat Gas Line "T"-trap [sediment], Replace old Earthquake Stability Straps. Purchased 12 year Rheem Platinum 50g water heater from HD which cost 726 and Shark fittings, overflow pan, and new 24" gas conection cost around 75.

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Replaced a 10 year old 75 gallon Richmond gas 6 year warranteed water heater (300lb behemoth) leaking from the top due to corrosion from its exhaust gases (not the fault of the unit - at sometime previously the 4" diameter metal exhaust pipe which vents to the roof had become clogged somehow, and was now functioning well as explained by Brad the plumber.

00 including new water heater (0), parts, labor, and disposal of old unit. Did some soldering and exhaust flue work I wouldn't want to attempt from youtube. Went from 65 gal to 50 gal as 65 gal types were not an option. New Natural Gas 50 gallon tank Water Heater, New Flooring, New Ball Turn Knobs, New Lines, New Drain Pan as per code, All bought by me. I just went blank and took the plumbers words at face value.

Replaced a 50-gallon gas water heater in basement, tight space. All in cost 2800 including to extend warranty from 6- yr to 10-yr. The price was similar and this would eliminate one oil burner to maintain.

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