Angel deradoorian dating

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First appearance of the Del Taco stoner ads as well as Cheryl, conspiracy theorist and inventor of the cannabis-based currency potcoin.Travis and Cater bond on the roof, Pete joins them and invites Tae Kwon Douglas along.To Doug's surprise, Pete presents him with a candle as a gift.

Carter's trip animation by: Jake Fried After Ruth changes the ownership of the dispensary to reflect her and her son owning the business together, they are raided by the DEA, putting Dank and Dabby under siege on the roof.

Pete spends time with Doug, who wants to turn Pete away from pot.

Carter's trip animation by: Taras Hrabowsky Ruth is annoyed that Pete continues to work out at Tae Kwon Doug's.

Jenny reveals to Pete that she dumped the tea into the water without talking to him first.

Travis brings his super hot, way out-of-his-league new girlfriend Tina by the dispensary.

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