After school webcam

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That may be minutes, days or longer: depending on what happened.

You can also try viewing my You Tube Live Stream: Brian Gill Live Stream.

They don't stay long, but a hummingbird or three come several times a day.

The idea was to show what I see when I look out the window here.

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This may be the first 'on-the-street' webcam in Sauk Centre.

Webcam updates every 60 seconds December through March.There may or may not be a solution to the SNAFU with You Tube.Either way, I can't coax the system to showing you anything from Sauk Centre's south side. When, and if, I find it: this webcam will be back online.Why I chose the season with fewer than eight hours of daylight to work with, I don't know.A Montessori pre-school education emphasizes on four areas: care of self and the environment, sensory and motor education, writing and reading, and math skills.

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