Abusive and intimidating behaviour

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In a summary of the 103 page report, the Integrity Commissioner details a lot of the actions by councillor Ron Duplessis.

The Commissioner found Duplessis’ behaviour disrespectful especially toward the CAO, Cynthia Townsend over one of her staff reports.

A young adult is just as capable as inflicting emotional, verbal and physical abuse, but it is often misunderstood or minimized because of the teen’s age.

Age can be deceiving and is no indication of a person’s ability to inflict harm or damage another person’s life — even their parent’s.

Teens can abuse and be abusing parents at any time, and no one may know unless the parent speaks up.

Just because my child hits me or yells at me, I shouldn’t feel ashamed.”But teenagers who are being abusive — hitting, threatening, intimidating, name-calling, shoving or more — need to understand the ramifications of their abusive behavior toward an adult.

Just because that adult happens to be their parent doesn’t forgive or excuse the criminal behavior.

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