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", meaning that like a lot of college students, she tends to cram.

Of the 3, Clover's the one who acts like the most typical teenage girl—obsessed with fashion, boys, and her appearance.

She is known to have had an abundance of boyfriends and will do anything to get a guy.

In almost all the episodes, while she is on a mission, she is always talking about a guy she wants to date or talking about an outfit she's going to wear on a date.

In Matchmaker during the science class inside the lab, Clover retains this outfit but her button-up shirt is darker, her belt is blue and her pants revert back to the original pink.

But in "Zooney World", her outfit remains the same only her belt changed to dark pink and her pants changed to blue and her heels are light pink.

As Alex was whining to go trick or treating, edging Chucky on to misbehave, although Alex seems better with children than Samantha or Clover.

So it could be assumed their maturity is in age older, Clover being in the middle.

"), Clover speaks with a strong valley girl accent by saying things like "totally", and adding the word "like" and "much? Her hairstyle is a fluffy, personalized bob cut that she calls a coif bob in "Totally Switched Again", which has the rear and sides are flared out while the front bangs, called a mop, come out over the left side of her face and flips when her shakes horizontally.Clover's style in the Season 1-2 was mostly capris and pants.Later in Seasons 3-5, she wore more skirts and dresses and incorporated more high heels.In "Malled" the color is now replacing cyan and orange as the pants she wears has a three blue flowery design in each sides of her leg and her heels remain brown. " the color of both of her outfit and heels changed into a different shades of pink and she accessorizes with a hairclip at the left side of her hair and a matching pink bracelet on her left wrist.In "Black Widows", "Matchmaker", "Stark Raving Mad", "Feng Shui Is Like Sooo Passe", and "Head Shrinker Much?

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